Furniture Sponsored at KGBV School, Atchampet, Guntur (Dt)

TeluguPeople Foundation is pleased to sponsor ₹ 1,88,500 towards furnishing 60 benches for classrooms at Kasturba Gandhi Baalika Vidyalam (Girls School). The donations towards this cause is made to the foundation under our “Adopt-a-Project” program by friends of SnehaHastaalu from California.

It is unfortunate for teenage girls to sit through whole day on bare floor to earn their basic right to education. Friends have been working tirelessly at this school for the past few years to supply them education materials and other essential needs. When the Special Officer of school brought the girl’s suffering to friend’s attention, they reacted and reached out to us for a partnership to sponsor the project.

TeluguPeople Foundation and Friends have plans to provide safe and sustainable drinking water at this school by sponsoring RO water plant in near future. We will continue to build upon this association and work on many other projects in future

We are happy to work with another like minded partner, who is passionate about improving infrastructure conditions of Government schools and providing tools necessary to improve learning of the most deserved students

Before and after pictures at school can be seen here. I am personally delighted to see well dressed, and disciplined girls focused deeply in their books regardless of the conditions surrounding them.


KGBV School, Atchampet Guntur DT

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