2019 Q4 caTELyst – Quarterly Newsletter from TeluguPeople Foundation

On behalf of the Executive Team at TeluguPeople Foundation, I am glad to let you all know that we have multiple important points to share with all of you.

  • We have disbursed close to 200 scholarship so far. These scholarships have not only impacted the students, but also making a positive impact on their families too.
  • We have opened our satellite office in India where Mr. V. Ramakrishna and Mr. BH Ram are heading the operations. They had already visited one of the schools in Punnavalli on the Indian Republic Day of January 26th to partake of the Flag Hoisting celebration as well as donating the school benches and books for the library.

We are growing as an organization. Every year we are exceeding in the number of scholarships we gave compared to the previous year. We all can proudly say that every student we are helping can directly or indirectly influence and bring change in the lives of another 100 people in the short, medium and long terms. We need to reach out to the lowest segments of our society and help them grow in their lives.

To keep up with this growth, we need more hands, more volunteers and leaders. If you have the passion and the compassion, and have at least 5 hours of time every week to spend for the organization, please let us know and be a leader, or a volunteer.

As an organization, TeluguPeople Foundation has to cover a lot of areas right from marketing, media, promotion, social media activities, fund raising activities, donor management, student monitoring and mentoring, application process, accounting, systems and data maintenance, volunteer recruitment and what not. You can work in your own specialization, and area, for the TeluguPeople Foundation. All we need is dedication and commitment from you.

By working with a non profit organization, you will get connected with many people in the community, and your communication skills will improve, your leadership skills will improve. These skills can directly and indirectly can help you succeed in your professional and business life. So, please think about working for TeluguPeople Foundation!

I once again sincerely thank you all for what and where we are today. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your amazing and continued support in our mission to bring change in many lives.

Warm regards,
Prasad Kunisetty

TeluguPeople Foundation Q4 2019 caTELyst

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