₹75,000 Scholarship to Ramakoteswararao

TPF is pleased to offer scholarship of ₹25,000 to Ramakoteswararao Thorati of Kankanalapalli, Guntur Dt for B Tech 4th year course at Baptla Engineering College. This is our third installment over the last three years totaling to ₹75,000 since we began sponsoring him in 2014.
Rama graduated SSC with over 90%, Intermediate with 94% and attained a rank of 34,810 in EAMCET 2013. His father works for a private charity school and earns about ₹5,000 a month. He helps guide students from his village to promote education. While his good work earned lot of credit in village, he is unable to secure his own child’s education. Family of four live in own house they live in and 1 acre land in native village.
We wish Rama success in his academics and we hope that he has a wonderful career to support himself, his family and society.

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