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Friends and Supporters of TPF, I am extremely delighted to bring you an update from my last post, dated November 15.
We have just concluded our sponsorship of YUVA’s outreach to promote Human values, moral and ethics. The program is mainly aimed at students of Government schools in villages around Khammam. The lectures were delivered at a total of 39 schools in a period of just over one month, of which 29 are government schools, lacking facilities for proper education. The lectures are typically for about 2 hours using multi-media tools such as computer or projector. Here are sample of photos taken during the lectures. My sincere request to all of you is to go quickly browse through all the photos when you have five minutes. The pictures will give you a deeper understanding of underprivileged students from rural areas, their hopes and conditions in which they receive education.

Looking at these photos took me back to my school days. I am a product of Government School and my teachers poured their heart out to see their students succeed. If you are over 40, it is more than likely that you find yourself sitting among those students. You can see enthusiasm, curiosity, engagement and happiness in their faces. You will also see your teachers in those hard working teachers trying everything they can, with limited resources they have, to provide comprehensive education. Not just for academic successful student, but a moral individual that can become pillars of a great society. You will also see Udbhav garu passionately and actively engaging students. We could not have found a better person than him to deliver this service.

Contrary to the popular belief, I believe that Government schools and teachers today are biggest contributors to rural economy and country’s growth. They help underprivileged students from these neighborhoods get a share of the economic prosperity.
If one student among these classes is inspired by these lectures, and follows the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, I would consider that our investment in this program yielded multiple returns. What’s more, this program is entirely sponsored by our past students donations. Our alumni students couldn’t be happier to see their donation spent on a program that has such a wide-spread impact.
It’s sad for me personally, to see that our sponsorship ended as of this week. While I would have liked us to continue to sponsor this, we ran out of money allocated for this program and our board decided to spend your donations on our core program of offering scholarships to higher education. But I am sure Udbhav garu will continue his good work and sponsorships will continue to come from noble people. Thank you Udbhav garu.

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