TPF Scholarship to Parveen Shaik from Rebbavaram, Khammam to attend B Tech at IIIT, Nuzvid

TPF is pleased to offer scholarship of ₹5,000 to Parveen Shaik of Rebbavaram, Khammam Dt. for Integrated 6 year B Tech course at IIIT, Nuzvid. Parveen graduated from Government school with 98% and got first rank in Wyra Mandal of Khammam district. With her academic credentials, she got admission in IIIT in 6 year integrated B Tech course by AP state government before bifurcation. Due to bifurcation, she couldn’t apply for AP government scholarship as she belongs to Telangana. We wrote about this problem in our FB post on Nov 6th. We sincerely hope that both state governments get together to resolve the issue and help these 4000 students. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to assure students and offer them hope as best as we can

Her parents are agricultural labors and earn less than ₹ 50,000 per year. They live in a small village with one son and two daughters. Her sister graduated from IIIT; but wasn’t able to get certificates, since Government did not clear their dues for exactly the same issue. Parveen got selected for district level science fair contest and interested in working in power generation field.

We sanctioned her a small amount for expenses and a little assurance that we would pay for the scholarship, if the issue was not resolved before the end of her course. A small assurance make a big difference in their minds and can turn a student into a scientist. We wish her a great success in academics and a wonderful career.
Parveen Shaik

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