TPF Scholarship of ₹ 15,000 to Rupa to pursue MBBS at Govt. Medical College, Nizamabad

Rupa is from a family of six. She graduated 10th grade with 80% and Intermediate with 96%. With strong desire to become Doctor, she worked hard to earn a fully reimbursable seat in Medicine; but family could not entirely afford the hostel, books and travel expenses.

Father works as temporary worker in a Govt. hostel and cultivates own farm to supplement his income (approx. 2 lacs). Mother stays home, caring for Grandmother and a severely disabled second child. In spite of the hardships, family compassionately took the responsibility of Rupa’s cousin, who lost her parents.

We offered her a small scholarship to recognize her effort and family’s hard work to rise above adverse conditions. Wish you the best Rupa.

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