TPF offers 65th scholarship of ₹ 30,000 to Ramya of Hyderabad to pursue B Tech.

We are pleased to offer 65th scholarship of ₹ 30,000 to Ramya of Hyderabad to pursue B Tech.

Ramya comes from a family of four. Her father used to run a neighborhood convenience store and lost it to mounting losses. Ramya is academically bright with over 95% grades in both 10th and Intermediate. She stood in top 10% percentile in engineering stream of EAMCET entrance; but missed complete reimbursable seat by just one percentile. Family live in a rental house in Hyderabad and own very little assets. With two kids education and no consistent income, family is getting by with support from relatives and neighborhood friends. We are glad to support the family with a small scholarship in the hour of need.

Ramya is referred to us by one of our alumni student, Venkatesh Modepalli, who lives in Ramya’s neighborhood. He paid for her EAMCET fee and referred her to us when she got excellent rank. This is the second student Venkatesh connected to us (The first student graduated and placed in job with over 2 lacs PA salary). With our support, Venkat not only transformed his life; but lending a hand to others in need. We are very proud of him for his success, generosity and his concern for society. We see our vision being fulfilled through him and many others. Thank you Venkatesh.

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