TPF 9th Anniversary, NJ

Thank you all for attending our 9th anniversary event and showing your enormous support with your presence and with your donations. Without your support, we couldn’t have dared to support 58 students for expensive college education and we couldn’t have aimed at supporting more. Your presence reminds us of our responsibility towards you and our students. We will strive hard to meet your expectations in future
I would like to take a moment to acknowledge contributions from many here
Thank you Anchor & RJ Manoj Iruvuri, You rocked the show. I watched the whole video again. The program wouldn’t have been the same without you
Thank you Mimicry Ramesh garu, I missed the story about how you brought memory of lost father back in life of girl by mimicking his voice. I saw it on video. You are amazing
Thank you Indira dixit reddy garu, Swathi Atluri – Gundapuneedi garu, Rajeev Nedunuri and Aditi Bhavaraju and so many talented performers for making the program lively with scintillating performances
Thank you Imran Akbar and Cindy. Your Tech support was invaluable for the event and performers.
Thank you sponsors Lakshmi Moparthi garu, NY Life, Rambabu Dronavalli garu of Sunoco UltraService Euro Asian USC, and Vinod Mohan garu of MoneyDart for your event sponsorship
Thank you Bhaskar Bupathi garu of DesiChef, Vamsi Krishna Venigalla of Bawarchi Franklin Parkand Praveen garu of RangreZ restaurant for providing delicious food. The fact that we ran out of food towards the end is a proof that people have enjoyed it.
Thank you Mohan Krishna Mannava garu, Srihari Mandadigaru and Ramesh Nuthalapati garu of North America Telugu Society – NATS, Laxmi Devineni garu, Vidya Garapati garu and Prasad Garapati garu of @TANA – Telugu Association of North America, Manju Bhargava garu of New Jersey Telugu Association, Sridevi Jagarlamudi garu, Srinivas Bharthavarapu garu and Madhu Rachakulla garu of TFAS NJ, Sankara Rao Polepalle garu, Madhavi Polepalli garu, Venkateswara Rao Vakkalagad garu, Padmaja Vakkalagadda garu from HELP Foundation for gracing the occasion and showing your support for the cause
Thank you Dan Nandan garu of eBox TV Telugu , his crew and Hasini Srinivas. Thanks to you, we are able to preserve important event in our foundation’s history in our archives.
Thank you Ujwal Kumar Kasthalaj garu from TV9 Telugu for covering the event and airing it. Your coverage will certainly help us reach more students
Thank you Simha from TV5 and Sudheer Tummala garu from Ntv Telugu for providing coverage. Special thanks to Sridhar Chillara garu from Mana Telugu and TV5.
Thank you Shivakumar Chikinee garu, Imam Nethrapalli garu and Srinivas Yerraganti garu for capturing the moments in photos.
Thank you volunteers who have spent tens of hours of hard work to make this event a grand success. Without you, the event wouldn’t have been possible
Finally, it was a memorable event and I will certainly remember it for many years. Thank you TeluguPeople Foundation for making me part of the family.

9th Anniversary

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