01/14/2017 Q1 Newsletter
03/19/2017 In person meeting
04/09/2017 Q2 Newsletter 
04/22/2017 TPF will be setting up a booth at Telugu Association of Greater Boston Ugadi Celebrations
05/20/2017 9th year Celebration
                      Time: 6pm to 10pm
                      Place: Rhythms of NJ (http://www.rhythmsnj.com/).
                      729 S Main Street, MANVILLE NJ 08835
                      Hors d’oeuvre and Dinner will be provided.
04/09/2017 Q3 Newsletter 
10/08/2017 Q4 newsletter 
11/18/2017 Call-a-thon
11/28/2017 Giving Tuesday
12/02/2017 Follow up Call-a-thon