Education materials sponsored at 110 Government schools for 7000 students

TeluguPeople Foundation is pleased to donate ₹ 4,50,000 towards distribution of 46,000 notebooks for approximately 7000 students attending various classes at 110 government schools. Donations towards this cause are made to the foundation under our “Adopt-a-Project” program by friends of SnehaHastaalu.

Friends have adopted these government schools over the past five years and have been supporting Education and Skill development by offering students assistance with educational materials and by setting up libraries and digital classrooms. They also provide tutoring help, career guidance counseling and motivate teachers and students through various incentives.

We are happy to work with like-minded partners for the second major project, to enable rural youth to achieve their full potential in life by providing them tools and motivation through education and skill development. We will continue to work with them in the future, where our combined strength will create a bigger impact

The cover page from the notebook is attached here. The picture on the back cover page takes me back 30 years and reminds me of my daily journey to school through lush green fields, following my brother’s direction.

Hope the blank pages within these books lay the foundation to endless possibilities.


Telugu book frontTelugu book back

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