₹35,000 TPF Scholarship to Gopi from Sattenapalli

TPF is pleased to offer scholarship of ₹35,000 to Gopi from Sattenapalli, Guntur district to attend Bachelors degree in engineering at Engineering college, Chebrolu.

Gopi is a B Tech 3rd year student. His father and mother work hard to as daily laborers to support their three children’s education with their combined earning of less than ₹6000 a month. Family does not own any assets other than the asbestos roofed house they live in. Gopi is a brilliant student with over 95% in both 10th and Intermediate. He stood in top 3 in his discipline for the first two years of engineering. He was supported for the first two years of B Tech education by generous donors based on news article published in Telugu newspaper when he enrolled in first year; unfortunately he could not gather same support for third year to finish his education. We came to know of him through our good friend and passionate supporter MV Rao garu, vetted him and offered him scholarship to finish rest of his education.

We are happy to offer Gopi financial help so he can focus on education. Wish him success in college and hope he has wonderful career ahead.

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