₹5,000 TPF Scholarship to Sailaja

TPF is pleased to offer scholarship of ₹5,000 to Sailaja Akula of Rebbavaram, Khammam Dt. for B Tech 1st year course at IIIT, Nuzvid. Sailaja is referred to us by Srinivas Rao Gutta Garu, who is from the village and helps high school students achieve better grades
Sailaja is extremely bright student and graduated SSC in 2014 with 98% from Govt high school and was topper in Wyra Mandal of Khammam district. Because of her academic performance, she became qualified to enroll in 6 year integrated B Tech course in AP Government sponsored IIIT college, offered exclusively to high academic performers from Govt high schools. Since her enrollment, the state was divided and she could not apply for AP government scholarship as she belongs to Telangana; however, the college allowed her to advance to the next year despite of tuition fee dues, but the college would not issue certificate at the end of course completion unless dues are cleared. We know many students from one state have graduated from the other; but could not collect certificate as their home state did not clear the dues yet due to administrative obstacles.
When we came to know of her situation, we gave her ₹5000 scholarship for immediate relief and assured her that we will pay for her entire 6 year course if the governments do not get together and resolve her problem before graduation. She is one of 3 students we made such promise to. Refer our last post regarding this situation. We are counting on our generous donors to help us uphold our promise to these students
Sailja’s parents are agricultural labors and earn approx. ₹50,000 per annum. They own very little asset and live in a very humble home. Sailaja’s is passionate to help society and wants to care for elderly by establishing an old age home. Besides, she likes reading and writing poetry. In fact, when we granted her scholarship and gave her assurance, she is so relieved and expressed her gratitude by writing a nice poem thanking our help. sailaja_poem
Although it is addressed towards the foundation, the foundation would have been nothing without the support of donors. This goes to every one of you who have supported us by encouraging, volunteering and financially supporting the efforts of the foundation over the years.
Five thousand rupees and a little assurance goes long way in minds and careers of these nervous youngsters.

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