₹40,000 Scholarship to Veerendra

TPF is pleased to offer scholarship of ₹40,000 to Veerendra Kumar Meka of Vijayawada for B Tech 1st year course at Lingaya’s Institute of Management and Technology. Veerendra is referred to us by Vimala Chigurupati garu, founder of non-profit organization based out of Vijayawada Sudheekshan Foundation
Veerendra was extremely bright student and graduated SSC with 95%. Unfortunately, he lost his father during Intermediate 2nd year and could not focus on studies, because of which his score fell to 75% in Intermediate. Family went through lot of struggle last year due to Head of family’s loss and they are slowly recovering after relocating to Vijayawada with support from extended family. To make matters worse, he barely qualified EAMCET 2016 with rank of 105,663.
We typically do not sponsor students with poor academic performance; but have made exceptions in past based on exigent circumstances. We have seen that students from such background achieve extraordinary results when they are offered lifeline. We have bet on this belief once again and have offered scholarship to Veerendra to attend college. Besides the need, what impressed us most about Veerendra is that he works for Sudheekshan Foundation as a volunteer in his spare time and already demonstrating our values via his commitment through action by contributing to society at a very young age.
Hope Veerendra succeeds like our other students and makes his departed father, mother and us proud. Good luck Veerendra

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