₹30,000 Scholarship to Ravi Kiran Bathula

TPF is pleased to offer scholarship of ₹ 30,000 to Ravi Kiran Bathula of Payakarao Pet, Vishakhapatnam district for B Tech 3rd year course at Baptla Engineering
Ravi Kiran graduated SSC with 9.3, Polytechnic with 75% and attained a rank of 799 in APECET 2015. His father works for a non-profit organization in rural and tribal areas around Vishakhapatnam. Family of four live in a rental house along with their grandmother and do not own any assets.
We had sponsored Ravi in 2015 for his second year of B Tech with ₹ 30,000 and continued support this year with another ₹ 30,000
We wish him success in his academics and hope he has a wonderful career to support himself, his family and society.

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